How to House Train Your Puppy

How to House Train Your Puppy

Understand Dog Behavior

Dogs do not know right from wrong. What they understand is safe and dangerous. When your puppy comes into your house he doesn’t understand that it is “bad” behavior to urinate on your carpet. We do this by catching your dog in the act. Punishing your dog after the behavior has occurred can confuse your dog, making the house training process much more difficult.

Start to develop a schedule – Putting your dog on a feeding schedule during the house training process can make your efforts much more successful.

Acquire a kennel.

Most pups and dogs will not eliminate in their crate. When you need to go to work or have to leave the house for a while, you can put your pup in her crate. When you come home, you can immediately take her outside and not give her the opportunity to make a mistake in the house.

Have a designated area for your puppy to “go.”

When you get your puppy home the first day, start puppy housebreaking him immediately. After he has been briefly introduced to his home and new surroundings, take the puppy to the area you chose before bringing him home.

As soon as your puppy finishes, praise it excitedly and immediately take him inside. From that point on, take the puppy to the same housebreaking spot each time and encourage him with a command such as “go potty,” “hurry up” or whatever you choose.

Be consistent using this single command only with the process of puppy housebreaking so that the puppy will learn to associate this act with the command.

Get everyone involved – if you live by yourself with your dog this step will be easy. If your dog lives in a house with more than one person, make sure that everyone is taking the steps to make the housetraining process quick and easy. The closer everyone sticks to the plan, the faster the training will progress.

Take up the puppy’s water early in the evening and to not feed or water it after say, 6:00 at night.

Clean up any accidents (and there will be plenty) quickly and thouroughly.

There are products such as Icky Poo & Natures Miricle and others at pet pet stores.

Let him be free in the house with supervision at first, for longer periods not until you are sure he will ask to go out when he has to go.

This strategy should not take more than two weeks for him to get the picture.